Here we do classic men's haircuts, shave beards and just have a good time. We understand how important the result of our work is, so we are ready to take full responsibility for your appearance and guarantee that you will be satisfied.


Barbershops, as is now commonly believed, are engaged in the creation of exclusively youth and hipster images. This is a popular myth. Haircuts that are performed in barbershops are classics worn by men in the last century. And these hairstyles are often chosen by people of all ages.


The only place where craftsmen use a straight razor is in the barbershop. Besides the fact that it allows you to create a clear and graphic contour, you get a perfectly smooth shave. With proper shaving, irritation does not appear and the haircut looks shaped longer.



An important difference between a barbershop and a regular hairdresser is the atmosphere of a men's club. Here, any visitor is treated like a best friend. This is the place where men meet to discuss the latest news, jobs, politics over a cup of coffee.


Tradition is the foundation of a barbershop. The shaving techniques that barbers use have been refined for centuries. For centuries, men trusted their daily shaving routine to barbers, barbers, this beautiful tradition almost disappeared with the advent of electric shavers and machine tools.


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Classic and creative haircuts, shaving, styling a mustache, beard and sideburns - everyone knows and knows how in barbershops. Here they follow trends, honor traditions and create an atmosphere: without unnecessary hustle and bustle. Combining traditional techniques with modern styles,provision of haircut, dyeing and shaving services. Traditional men's hairdressing salons, with modern cutting and shaving techniques. Comfortable conditions for people of all ages.

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